Quality and Commitment

Right from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, quality is at the core of our ideology. We are strongly committed to provide the best battery solutions to our customers. In quest to provide nothing but the best, all the batteries undergo intense quality control procedures.

Battery Expertise

We offer a full line of lithium-ion deep cycle batteries that are the ultimate replacements for traditional lead acid batteries and relief of battery anxiety. We deliver batteries such as Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt used in Mobility and Stationary Solutions.

Market Experience

Lethex, a brand under SHG Greentech, remarkably placed its reputation in the Lithium-ion battery business space, continuously delivering a wide range of clean product solutions. With virtues of our market expertise and experience, we are manufacturing some of the best battery packs available in the market we serve.

Batteries manufactured in India for the World

Lethex is a prominent manufacturer of batteries and EV mobility in India. The brand Lethex is the leader in EV battery manufacturing and is persistent in designing Lithium Iron, Phosphate and Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery packs to show their superiority under different Indian climatic conditions.

These batteries are specially designed and manufactured considering extreme weather conditions and challenging usability environment.

Our battery packs are fabricated in such a way that they should replicate the needs of users’ experience and requirements. Our core priority is the qualitative approach in the development of our advanced battery pack system.


Our Battery Packs

Batteries that are robust, reliable
and made for the diverse applications

Our core priority is the qualitative approach in the development of our advanced battery pack system. Lethex batteries are designed specifically for EV manufacturers, OEMs, solar project installers, generators and other macroeconomic production lines. We ensure while delivering the advanced battery packs should have high-quality matrix and testing with our proprietary methods.

Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium Phosphate battery

Lithium Phosphate Battery

Agricultural Sprayer

Batteries that are build to perform

The batteries store more energy compared to lead-acid batteries. These batteries have a deep charge rate providing maximum versatility.

As compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, Lithium Ion batteries are made using non-toxic materials and easy to re-cycle.

Lethex Lithium-ion battery are nearly 4 times as powerful as SLA and can provide more time of use.

Lethex batteries have a long service life. These batteries will provide you with 5000 complete charge and discharge cycles.

We have an Edge!

Why Lethex Batteries

Lethex backup batteries range from 12V/24V//36V/48V and the capacity includes from 10~100Ah, supporting 100W~50KW discharge power by having low leak current and high shelf life. Our Lethex Lithium-ion backup batteries can extend capacity and system functions for better operation voltage up to 480V. There is an inbuilt BMS support system for safety protection design and reliability.

Advantages of Lethex Batteries:

  • Efficient Battery Management System
  • Shockproof Electric Insulator
  • High-quality lithium cell
  • Safest structure design: IP65~ P67
  • Customized Metal enclosures preventing from harsh conditions
  • No Maintenance required
  • Lightweight and compatible with industrial storage and energy purposes

2 +

Years of Market Experience

15 +

Battery Capacity Option Available

50 +

Base in India

1500 +

Batteries Sold

You require it, we have it!

Applications of Our Batteries

Lethex manufactures superior quality batteries that are used for diverse applications. These batteries are made to provide a wide range of solutions to meet the different energy requirements of the consumer.

The varied product range of batteries is suitable for all kinds of applications, like E-Scooter ,Tubular Battery- Inverter Battery and Solar Battery, SMF Battery, E-Rickshaw Battery, Lithium and EV charging solutions.

Electric Cycles
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