Lithium-ion NMC

Lithium ion

Lithium-ion Batteries: Next Generation Battery Solutions

NMC batteries offer a combination of nickel, manganese, and cobalt. They are also called lithium manganese cobalt oxide batteries. Lethex manufacturers cutting-edge lithium ion batteries, that are superior in performance, robust and increases product lifecycle. Lithium ion batteries are far better in terms of usability, offers better capacity and performance, efficient and smaller in size as compared to conventional and traditional acid batteries.

These batteries are manufactured under controlled environment in state of the art manufacturing facility. Lithium ion batteries are used for diverse applications right from electric mobility to power tools.

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Battery Details

48 V, 25 Ah
48 V, 30 Ah
60 V, 25 Ah
60 V, 30 Ah
60 V, 35 Ah
72 V, 30 Ah
72 V, 35 Ah

48 V, 40 Ah
48 V, 35 Ah
60 V, 35 Ah
60 V, 40 Ah
60 V, 45 Ah
72 V, 30 Ah
72 V, 35 Ah

  • Outer body: Insulated/ Metal
  • Life span: 6 years
  • Customisation Available

Key Battery Features

Customisation available

Unbreakable and Fireproof

IP 67 Waterproof

Shockproof Electric Insulator

Over Voltage and Temp. Control Board

Short-circuit protection board

Discharging Socket

Dust Proof

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