Battery Charger

Lethex has more than two decades of experience designing, building, and producing efficient, dependable, and cost-effective battery charging solutions. Ion-NMC and Phosphate-LFP Charger is made using cutting edge technology.

These charges are robust and can withstand extreme conditions. Made using sturdy outer casing, the charges comes with different specifications and capacity. The charges is computable with both Lithium-ion NMC and Lithium-phosphate LPF batteries.


54.6 V, 6 A
54.6 V, 10 A
67.2 V, 5 A
67.2 V, 8 A

Key Battery Features

Unbreakable and Fireproof

IP 67 Waterproof

Shockproof Electric Insulator

Short-circuit protection board

Dust Proof

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