Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System

The energy storage system (ESS) containers are based on a modular design. Configured to match the required power and capacity requirements of client’s application. The energy storage systems are based on standard sea freight containers starting from kW/kWh (single container) up to MW/MWh.

Energy Storage Container is an energy storage battery system, which includes a monitoring system, battery management unit, particular fire protection system, special air conditioner, energy storage converter, and isolation transformer developed for the needs of the mobile energy storage market.

The battery system is mainly composed of battery cells in series and parallel: more than a dozen battery cells are connected in series and parallel to form a battery box. Then, the battery boxes are connected in series to form a battery string and increase the system voltage. Finally, the battery strings are connected in parallel to improve the system capacity and integrated installation In the battery cabinet.

The monitoring system mainly realizes external communication functions, network data monitoring and data acquisition, analysis, and processing, ensuring accurate data monitoring, high voltage, current sampling accuracy, data synchronization rate, and remote control command execution speed.

The battery management unit has a high-precision single team. The voltage detection and everyday detection functions ensure the voltage balance of the battery modules and avoid circulating current between the battery modules, which affects the system’s operating efficiency.


Battery Energy Storage

Container Dimension20ft | 40ft
Power Capacity500KWh-1MWh | 2MWh-3MWh
Rated Output Voltage220V/ 230V/ 380V etc.
Rated Output Frequency50/60Hz
Output Phase3P+N
Temp Range-20°C-50°C
CommunicationRS485 / CAN
Temp ControlHVAC + BMS
Heat DissipationForced Air Cooling
Fire SuppressionHeptafluoropropane Fire Extinguishing System
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