Lithium-phosphate LFP

Lithium Phosphate battery
Lithium Phosphate Battery

LFP batteries use phosphate as a cathode material. An important factor that makes LFP stand out is its long life cycle. Lethex offer LFP batteries with a life of 6 years. Often seen as a better choice for stationery applications, ranging from energy storage to mobile phones. The LFP is widely considered a better choice for solar cell storage.

These batteries are manufactured under environment in state of the art manufacturing facility.

Battery Details

48 V, 24 Ah
48 V, 30 Ah
60 V, 24 Ah
60 V, 30 Ah
60 V, 36 Ah
72 V, 30 Ah
72 V, 36 Ah

48 V, 40 Ah
48 V, 35 Ah
60 V, 35 Ah
60 V, 40 Ah
60 V, 45 Ah
72 V, 30 Ah
72 V, 35 Ah

  • Outer body: Metal
  • Life span: 6 years
  • Customisation Available

Key Battery Features

Customisation available

Unbreakable and Fireproof

IP 67 Waterproof

Shockproof Electric Insulator

Over Voltage and Temp. Control Board

Short-circuit protection board

Discharging Socket

Dust Proof

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